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How to Get Palindrome Destiny 2


Once one of the most popular weapons in Destiny 1, the Palindrome was reinvented for Destiny 2 as part of the Season of the Chosen. Although this version does not have the powerful Luck in the Chamber perk, it still retains much of the original hand cannon’s feel as well as its appearance and name. Balanced stats and a varied perk pool mean that the Palindrome can potentially thrive in any activity, ensuring this flexible armament’s popularity. This article will tell you all about this Legendary hand cannon, including its God Rolls and source.


The Palindrome At A Glance

The Palindrome is an Energy weapon with the Void damage type and the Adaptive archetype. It has a 140 RPM and is widely accepted to have the best basic stats for all hand cannons with that firing speed. Among other advantages, it enjoys a decent effective range, stability, and handling, and deals heavy damage. Like all Legendary weapons, its perks are randomized and drawn from an extensive pool. When first introduced, it was nearly the only gun that could roll with the Bottomless Grief perk that lets you refill the magazine with final blows when you are the last member of your Fireteam. Other noteworth perks include Quickdraw, Rangefinder, Rampage, and Killing Wind.

Potential God Rolls

The hand cannon’s potential perk variety means that rolls can vary drastically in effectiveness. While some perks and perk combos are merely average on this gun, others can make it extremely deadly in either PvE or PvP. While many perks may be competitive in both, it makes sense to specialize. In the end, what constitutes a God Roll depends on your skills, preferences, and the type of content you want to take on with this gun. However, the following perk combos are definitely worth looking out for:

  • Outlaw/Rampage is the most sought-for PvE combination. It slashes reloading times for precision kills and grants a damage bonus for all kills, making it perfect for gunning down numerous enemies in rapid succession. Overflaw/One for All may be a viable alternative, demanding less player precision while making sure you have the ammo and stopping power you need to keep waves at bay. Either way, Corkscrew Rifling and Appended Mag are ideal due to the former’s handling improvements and the latter keeping you from running out at a critical moment;
  • Quickdraw/Rangefinder shines in Destiny 2 PvP, where range and speed can often count for more than raw damage. With these perks, you should be able to pick off enemy Guardians at any distance and before they could react. They are further reinforced by Hammer-Forged Rifling and Ricochet Rounds, which enhance the gun’s range further and also let you hit targets that would otherwise evade you. Killing Wind may be a viable alternative to Quickdraw if you are not as invested in the surprise effect and are confident about your ability to score kills.

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Getting the Gun

The sole source for the Palindrome is Nightfall: the Ordeal strikes. You may be able to claim it on weeks when the hand cannon is one of the available rewards for this activity. It is a random drop, with the likelihood of it or another reward weapon showing up depending on the strike’s difficulty. Players estimate that the drop chance is approximately 10% on Adept and 80% on Master. Hunting for a specific God Roll can take a while as a result, though you should at least get plenty of other good loot in the process.


Nightfall rewards have always rotated in a fixed order. That means the same rewards are available in every few weeks. In the Season of the Lost, the Palindrome and the Swarm may be claimed on every fourth week. They should show up on the following days in what is left of the season:

  • 07.12.21-14.12.21
  • 04.01.22-11.01.22
  • 01.02.22-07.02.22

Judging by earlier precedents, the next season is likely to change the reward rotation once it finally arrives. New weapons may be added, and the order may get shaken up, so it cannot be predicted past February. It is possible that the Palindrome will be removed from the reward pool, but its enduring popularity makes that seem unlikely. Either way, dedicated players should still have plenty of opportunities to claim this hand cannon.